Dr. Baker has advanced training and clinical experience in breast cancer. After graduating from medical school, she volunteered at Hearts of Hope, an integrated medical breast cancer center in Portland, Oregon. There she offered Naturopathic consults to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, survivors of breast cancer, and those undergoing conventional cancer treatments. Additionally, Dr. Baker studied under breast surgeon Mary Barnhart MD in 2002 to better understand the process women go through when diagnosed with breast cancer. She observed surgeries, in-office procedures and consults, and followed patients through conventional treatment courses.

Dr. Baker offers adjunctive care to patients dealing with cancer. Individualized, Naturopathic therapies are selected to support patients' health during conventional treatments, as well as to minimize the risk of metastasis and to prevent future recurrence of breast cancer. Holistic evaluations and testing is often employed to better understand and address the cause of a particular patient's cancer. Testing may include looking at heavy metal toxicity, inflammatory markers, estrogen to progesterone ratios, hormone balance, and/or estrogen breakdown products. Treatments aim to treat the cause of illness, and for a particular individual may include dietary & nutritional support, herbal medicines, hydrotherapy, stress reduction, option counseling, and/or minimizing environmental toxin exposure. Dr. Baker does require her patients with cancer to maintain on-going care with an oncologist of their choosing, regardless of the patient's chosen course of treatment.