Pregnancy Support

Our doctors offer a wide range of pregnancy support including the following:

  • Preconception Planning – Get healthy before you start trying to conceive. We offer detoxification plans for both partners, nutrition counseling, exercise plans, endocrine system toning, and more for a healthy start to pregnancy and for your baby-to-be.
  • Fertility Optimization – For those struggling with fertility issues. We look for the cause of infertility, addressing the person (and couple!) as a whole. We consider gut function, nutritional deficiencies, imbalances in hormones, thyroid, and toxin exposure when addressing fertility.
  • Adjunctive Pregnancy Care – Our physicians help pregnant women with a variety of pregnancy related health complaints, such as constipation, nausea, heartburn, and fatigue. However, Dr. Baker and Dr. Livengood do not treat pregnancy directly, offer obstetrical care, nor deliver babies. Therefore, we require all pregnant patients to be under the care of an obstetrician or midwife of their choosing.
  • Post-conception Assistance – For those struggling to get back on their feet, we can help with post-partum depression, lactation difficulties, anxiety, fatigue, low sex drive, and other issues that can come up after the baby is born.